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Television Violence Is Not the Problem Essay - 880 Words

Television Violence Is Not the Problem Weve all heard the numbers on the amount of television that children watch and the amount of violence that theyre exposed to. In fact, sources that blame TV for childrens conduct quote this kind of data profusely. American children and adolescents spend 22-28 hours per week viewing television more than any other activity except sleeping (_Effects of Television_). These kinds of facts are strewn about with the hopes of convincing the public that television is to blame for childrens misbehaviors. Sources like these have one thing in common: They believe that if television disappeared, so would many of kids aggressive behaviors. Though arguing whether or not television is indeed an†¦show more content†¦Blame is shifted away from the parents of offenders and is put on television. This scapegoating can create television ratings, editing and censoring but will not reduce the negative behaviors of children. If a child acts on what they see from television, it is because they were not reared with the same values as a child who does not act on what they saw on television. For example, there is not much difference in the news about Kurt Cobain. If two children see it but only one shotguns themselves, there is a difference in the values that were taught. Television portrays violence all the time but so do a number of other things. Books, for example, have more radical information and ideas than television could ever depict. The tales in books are far more juicier and interesting than could ever be portrayed by _The X-Files_ or _The Simpsons_. But we do not see the influences of books being executed in life, only those of TV. Copycat crimes have been related to TV and movies, not books. This is for the simple reason that TV is easier to access and is easier to pay attention to. This only proves that television is blamed because it happens to be the medium that is most easily accessible; it is a victim of circumstance. Distinguishing the various programs available for viewing proves that TV is a scapegoat. There are lots of violent and shocking programs and there are ones that have littleShow MoreRelated Violence On Television Essay1023 Words   |  5 Pagesnbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;The issue of television violence and its influence on children’s behavior troubles me. Television violence seems to be becoming abundant and violence seems to be increasing. This may be a dangerous form of entertainment, especially when young children become involved. The majority of television programs viewed by children contain large amounts of violence and inappropriate material. Children’s vulnerability poses as the main problem due to desensitization. Psychologists’Read More Cartoon Violence, Has it gone too Far Essay852 Words   |  4 PagesCartoon Violence, Has it gone too Far Aggression. Killing. Revenge. Sound like the latest Scream movie or Keanu Reeves thriller? You may be surprised to hear that this describes the average Saturday morning cartoon. One of the most surprising facts is that the level of violence during Saturday morning cartoons is higher than the level of violence during prime time. There are 3 to 5 violent acts per hour in prime time, versus 20 to 25 acts per hour on Saturday morning (Gerbner,1). Violence on televisionRead MoreTelevision Is Destroying Todays Youth, but Dont Blame T.V., Blame the Parents.1302 Words   |  6 PagesEver since television was invented, it has become increasingly controversial every year since. So many programs and movies shown on television have become increasingly violent and show sexual innuendos and sexual content. If you were to turn on the six o clock news, you would hear about the murders and the kidnappings and the rapes and all of the horrible things which happen in society, presented in a neu tral manner which makes them all seem not quite so bad. Imagine how that looks to twelveRead More Media Essay1506 Words   |  7 Pages Violence in the Media Violence in the media has been a growing problem ever since the emergence of mass media. One wonders however, how violence has become so prominent in our culture, more so than other countries. More minors are being involved in heinous crimes such as murders and armed robberies. Even play on the school ground is getting rougher. There are many factors that play into the increasing violence, such as over population, religious struggles, and race. One factor thatRead More Television Violence Essay1326 Words   |  6 PagesTelevision Violence On April 20, 1999, a tragic event took place in an environment where children should feel safe. At Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado, twelve students and one teacher were tragically gunned down by two boys, one seventeen years old, and one eighteen years old. Recently in Michigan, a first grader brought a gun to school and shot and killed a fellow classmate. These tragedies can be seen as a result of many different factors, such as violence in the home, accessRead More Only Parents Can Stop the Violence Essay815 Words   |  4 PagesStop the Violence In today’s society there is a debate going on about whether or not violence has an effect on young children and teenagers. On one hand there are people saying that violence on television has no effect on children. On the other hand it is very easy to prove that television violence has a direct effect on children. There are many studies that show how obvious the impact of television is on the way children act. Children and teens watch a lot of television from theirRead More The Effects of Television Violence on America Essay1478 Words   |  6 Pagescrime rate is also the very high violence rate. Why is violence becoming and everyday event in our society? When you flip on the television and tune into the news, the highlight of every show is somehow directly related or connected to violence. We see it every evening and perhaps say Oh my gosh and then forget all about it two minutes later. Or perhaps we dont even make any comments at all, just a simple grunt or â€Å"Oh, how terrible†. This numbness to violence is very scary and real. It makesRead MoreThe Role of Television on Childhood Violence Essay683 Words   |  3 PagesThe Role of Television on Childhood Violence What does the world look like these days? It often seems like everywhere one looks, violence is there. We see it on the streets, back alleys, school, and even at home. The last of these is a major source of violence. In many peoples living rooms there sits an outlet for violence that often goes unnoticed. It is the television, and the children who view it are often hypnotized by action that takes place in it. Violence is the use of ones powers toRead MoreCause and Effect Essay: Tv1594 Words   |  7 Pageseverywhere one looks, violence is there rearing its ugly head. We see it in the streets, back alleys, school, and even at home. The last of these is a major source of violence. In many peoples living rooms there sits an outlet for violence that often goes unnoticed. It is the television, and many parents use it as a cheap babysitter for their children when there are busy doing chores or out running errands. Children who view it are often pulled into its realistic world of violence scenes with sometimesRead MoreTelevision Violence and Children Essay1019 Words   |  5 PagesTelevision Violence and Children Thanks to the miracle of television the average American child watches 8,000 murders and 100,000 acts of violence before finishing elementary school (Early Concerns 113). Television violence is responsible for the increase in childhood violence. Watching violence is a popular form of entertainment, and watching it on television is the number one way that children are exposed to violence. Local news shows provide extensive converage of violent crimes

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Nonvaccinated Children in Public Schools - 1793 Words

Non-vaccinated Children Allowed to Attend Public Schools – This Is Not Acceptable Assignment 4 – Persuasive Paper Part 1: Revision of a Problem Exists English 215 February 24, 2013 This is a question that every parent must consider when they allow their school-aged child to attend public or even private school. How do you feel about allowing your child to attend school with children who have not been vaccinated? Would it bother you? I’m sure there are several different answers to these questions. This paper will focus on the reasons why unvaccinated children should not be allowed to attend public schools as well as the benefits of vaccination. Every parent wants to raise a healthy child. Every parent wants to make sure†¦show more content†¦The US Court of Federal Claims Office of Special Masters, between 1988 and 2009, has awarded compensation to 1,322 families whose children suffered brain damage from vaccines. Even though these cases were brought to the public, we have to keep in mind that every child is different. We all react differently to medications and vaccinations. On August 25th, 2011 the Institute of Medicine issued an 800-page r eport, â€Å"Adverse Effects of Vaccines: Evidence and Causality†. This report provided the outcome of many studies done regarding the link between vaccinations and possible side effects. According to the conclusion, the evidence was negative to an effect of possible brain damage. There is no better solution to keeping our children safe except for vaccinating them. As mentioned previously, it does not only help our children but others around them. Vaccinations can save lives especially within the beginning years of life. I think that every state should have mandatory laws for vaccinating children. This is considered a benefit and not a hindrance. References Phyllis Freeman, The Biology of Vaccines and Community Decisions to Vaccinate, Public Health Reports, Jan.-Feb. 1997 Childrens’ Hospital of Philadelphia Vaccine Education Center, A Look at Each Vaccine: MMR (Measles, Mumps and RubellaShow MoreRelatedNonvaccinated Children in Public Schools1785 Words   |  8 PagesNon-vaccinated Children Allowed to Attend Public Schools – This Is Not Acceptable Assignment 4 – Persuasive Paper Part 1: Revision of a Problem Exists English 215 February 24, 2013 This is a question that every parent must consider when they allow their school-aged child to attend public or even private school. How do you feel about allowing your child to attend school with children who have not been vaccinated? Would it bother you? I’m sure there are several different answers to theseRead MoreUsing Kingdon s Policy Streams Model1199 Words   |  5 Pagesstates in the country that is considered to be more lenient on vaccination requirements for school aged children. The Nevada school system will take medical and religious exemptions when it comes to vaccinations. All fifty states and the District of Columbia grant medical exemptions to immunization requirements (Blank, Caplan, Constable, 2013). While medical exemptions are a rational reason as to why children cannot receive certain vaccines the question that is being asked is: whether or not religious

Dell Culture Free Essays

Dell is also one of the in the market setting the tone for horizontal structure communication. It has adopted Hofstede’s low power distance dimension. In the Retention, Acquisition, and Development account, communication involves much horizontal communication with lean hierarchy. We will write a custom essay sample on Dell Culture or any similar topic only for you Order Now The organization has been able to run much like an entrepreneur startup even though it has reached gargantuan size. The lean hierarchy is one of Dell’s key success factors because it creates more efficiency in the workplace. Further, Dell takes specific actions to maintain control and monitoring of employees.The first step that Dell uses for micromanagement of employees is through senior advisory groups. These groups of highly educated employees in the field with a long track record of experience give certain employees monthly conference calls to check up on high-level issues that affect Dell worldwide. Second, Dell performs quarterly financial reviews to monitor how employees are spending their time and thus to ensure that these workers are using efficient use of time in order to accomplish the priorities for the company.For example, the sales team needs to maximize time spent with customers, as customer service is Dell’s differentiation. Lower priority tasks such as checking email are expected to be accomplished during off hours as opposed to prime meeting time. Next, Dell gives client report cards measuring criteria such as clear and concise direction. Through this method, Dell coaches its workforce and provides coaching feedback on how to improve. Finally, Dell enforces training of employees as the last important step to maintain control.All employees are required to attend Dell University in order to understand their product completely. Employees who do not understand their products will cause the corporation to lose credibility. Thus, Dell invests a lot of money in education of employees in order to maintain its competitive edge in the marketplace as a whole and more specifically, to continue gaining market share from its major competitor in China, Lenovo Computers. The managements not only must maintain control but also help to establish communication between Dell headquarters and their specific departments.In order for local agencies to maintain communication with the home offices, managers delegate much of this role to the employee communications department. This department is responsible for facilitating exchange of communication between headquarters and the separate agencies worldwide. Communication is a crucial issue, which Dell aims to maintain and continually improve with the advent of new technology. The Internet revolution has made control between the home office to the separate branches far more manageable in recent years.All of the specific agencies are required to communicate via one common extranet. Agencies are all involved in the activity of Dell and its vision. Agencies can voice their opinions on any plan in progress through this extranet. Further, Dell pushes communication through email. Phone calls are less common as they have little time flexibility and raise costs tremendously, especially if across countries. In a market where Dell prides itself on cost leadership, telephone usage is simply not nearly as effective as Email. How to cite Dell Culture, Papers

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Much ado about nothing

Much ado about nothing is a romantic intriguing comedy written by William Shakespeare. By focusing on relationships, the author of the play highlights the impact of deception to unity, love and happiness. Deceitfulness is the device the characters use to either destroy or improve each other’s lives. The love relationships are either build or destroyed due to tricks, envy or mere bad luck.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Much ado about nothing specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Similarly, some of the characters find joy in lying or playing tricks to their friends or lovers in order to achieve their personal selfish ambitions. Surprisingly, the aspect of self-deceitfulness arises among a few characters. Succinctly, the theme of deceit revolves around love relationships in the play. Therefore, the elusive bonds created between different characters are weak mainly because they are build on the foundation of dece itfulness as expounded in the next discussion. According to Shakespeare, a love relationship is like fate and therefore, only a self-deceptive person can separate two people who have a common interest. Set in a royal environment, Claudio announces his intention of courting and eventually, marrying Hero who has royal blood. Luckily, Don Pedro the Spanish prince encourages Claudio to go ahead with his plans. Although Benedick is against Claudio’s intentions of dating Hero, Claudio puts him off by saying â€Å"in mine eye she is the sweetest lady that ever I looked on† (Shakespeare Act I scene I 135-137). Benedick deceives himself when he thinks that he can change Claudio’s mind/intentions not to date Hero. For instance, he says, â€Å"God forbid it should be so† (Shakespeare Act I scene I 140). During his conversation with Don Pedro, Benedick’s announces that he does not intend to marry either. However, he does not know what lies ahead (fate carries) . Therefore, Benedick’s compact mind or inability to accept other people’s opinions or intentions motivates him to lie continuously to himself. Benedick’s fights to change Claudio’s intentions to marry Hero but he does not succeed. Similarly, Beatrice practices self-deceit, when she also proclaims that she is better of single than married. For example in Act II she says â€Å"Just if he sends me no husband; for the, which blessing I am upon my knees every morning and evening† (Shakespeare Scene I 137-140). Although Beatrice’s prayer is to remain single, she ironically goes against her wish and finally marries Benedick.Advertising Looking for essay on british literature? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Thus, her prayer/wish is a proof of self-deceit among characters. Eventually, due to fate, Claudio and Hero embark on a love Journey and Benedick’s and Beatrice find themselves in a love relationship. Therefore, Shakespeare shows self-deceit is a behavior, which may encourage people to live in a denial, as it is the case with Benedick and Beatrice. In addition, self-deceit can be the only the channel people can use to build strong bonds. More over, through focusing on self-deceit Shakespeare discourages people in the contemporary society against undermining their potential or God’s intention. Another case of deceitfulness in the story arises when Don Pedro assigns himself the duty of wooing Hero for Claudio. However, Claudio does not trust Don Pedro mainly because of his earlier elusive interaction with Don John. Although Don John is Don Pedro’s brother, he lies to Claudio that his brother loves Hero. Eventually, a disagreement ensues between Don Pedro and Claudio. Due to the constant practice of deceit among the characters, Claudio believes that Don Pedro is wooing Hero for himself. The constant practices of self-deceit among the characters pus h them to view all other people as deceitful. Nevertheless, Claudio’s relationship with Hero begins. Therefore, Shakespeare enlightens the contemporary society that deceit can lead to disunity, family break up and fights. Furthermore, some people use the element of deceit to revenge or fulfill their self-ambitions, as it is the case with Don John. When Claudio starts dating Hero, it is a lesson to the audience or reader that people should not be quick to judge, believe or trust any negative thoughts/ words from friends, family members and partners. People should not deny themselves happiness because of mere allegations from third parties. Therefore, sometimes deceit can be a form of encouragement to the affected parties and thus, people should use that chance to achieve their personal ambitions. According to Shakespeare, deceit can be the only way to solve social problems. For instance, through lies/deception Don John achieves his intention of breaking the relationship or wed ding between Claudio and Hero. Claudio humiliates Hero at the wedding when he realizes or believes that she is unfaithful (through deception).Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Much ado about nothing specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Don Pedro and Claudio also unite in the public humiliation of Hero while Margret the proprietor of the break up shamelessly watches the fall of Hero especially when she faints during the wedding. However, Leonato and the Friar fake Hero’s death in order to ascertain the truth. Through sympathy, Claudio accepts to marry Leonato’s niece (who actually is Hero). Due to deception and its eventual impact, Claudio accepts to marry a stranger. Surprisingly, the congregation (women) appears in masks and Claudio has to wear a mask during the wedding. This form of deception is beneficial to both Claudio and Hero who end up establishing a solid relationship. During the wedding, Claud io asks, â€Å"Which is the lady I must seize upon† (Shakespeare Act V scene IV 53)? This shows that Claudio is ready to marry any woman even if he does not love her. Consequently, the author shows that deceit is the only way, which can assist in solving challenging situations especially, which comes about due to deceit. Therefore, according to Shakespeare marriage is a social institution that may not necessarily be build on love. Claudio’s decision to marry a stranger is to enable him socially fit in the society. Thus, guilt or remorseful may not necessarily be the main motivation behind his act. Thus, deceit creates illusion that eventually, benefits both parties. In addition, the author also proves that most relationships especially marriages are broke or build based on deceit. However, the manner in, which an individual handles the lies/deceits may build or destroy his or her future. In brief, the main theme highlighted in the play is deceit. Most of the relationsh ips are either build or destroyed because of deceitfulness. However, behind any form of lie or deceit always a lasting solution to a conflict or problem emerges. When Shakespeare focuses on the element of self-deceit among his characters especially Beatrice and Benedick, he discourages the audience against living in self-denial. Both Beatrice and Benedick do not believe in love or marriage relationship but eventually they end up marrying each other. Secondly, Shakespeare shows that through deceit individuals can solve their social problems especially regarding love relationships, as it is the case with Claudio and Hero.Advertising Looking for essay on british literature? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Therefore, deceit is part of the society. However, people should learn to solve positively a problem build on basis of deceit. Finally, although deceit creates tension in the play, the relationship build on lies end up stronger. Works Cited Shakespeare, William. Much Ado about Nothing. New York: Penguin press, 1998. Print This essay on Much ado about nothing was written and submitted by user Daphne Rush to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.

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Two Things †Branding and Writers Block

Two Things – Branding and Writers Block Of course youre wondering what these two have to do with each other. Actually its more about what they have in common. For the first time in my career, I see writing income sliding to a new level I feel it will not recover from. What Im trying to say is that the effort you put into your writing business last year isnt enough for this year. To make the same income, you have to work harder and smarter. The competition is fierce. Whether you hate traditional or indie matters not anymore because authors on both sides are hurting. Incomes are down. Its harder than ever to be heard and seen, much less read. Why such a morbid post? Look at the title of this post again. Its like youre in a mob. Ever seen that commercial about the little door that data is trying to run through, only to see people pile atop one another unable to get through? Then the advertiser talks about a bigger door that allows all data to go through? Well, were at that stage where the door (the reader) is tiny. Authors are that mob. Only some will get through. Thats why branding is super critical right now. I listen to long-time, mid-list authors complain these days about how their incomes are way down, but they are doing the same thing theyve always done. Thats the problem. They are doing the same thingmarketing some, maybe posting on FB three times a week, thinking what worked in 2005 still works now. You cannot be seen without being different. You cannot be heard without noise, a dfferent kind of noise, because God knows its noisy out there. You need a brand, and when you figure out what it is, then you need to sling it and work it hard. Daily. Yep, daily. Now, that brings us to the other topic: writers block. In this day where Amazon accepts thousands of books per day to its database, you cannot sit back and profess to have writers block. Like your marketing, you need to write daily. Block NEVER stops you from writing. Somewhere in your head it makes you think you cant write, but guess what? Your brain and hands still work . . . so write. With the sea of writers out there writing daily, youll be soon forgotten otherwise. Sorry for the rant, but Im seeing good writers, long-time writers, being run over

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Henderson Surname Meaning and Origin

Henderson Surname Meaning and Origin Henderson is a popular patronymic name meaning son of Henry. The given name Henry means home ruler or ruler of the home, derived from the Germanic name  Heimirich which is composed of the elements heim, meaning  home and ric, meaning power, ruler. Surname Origin: English, Scottish Alternate Surname Spellings:  HENDERSEN, HENSON, HENRYSON, HENRYSOUN, HENNDERSON, HENHYSON Where in the World is the HENDERSON Surname Found? According to  WorldNames public profiler, the largest number of individuals with the Henderson surname live in Scotland, especially the Highlands region. It is also a very popular surname in New Zealand and Australia. Surname distribution statistics at Forebears has the Henderson surname appearing with the greatest population density in Dominica, followed by Scotland. In 1881 Scotland the greatest percentage of Hendersons lived in Caithness, Shetland, and  Kinross-shire. Famous People with the Surname HENDERSON Fletcher Henderson - Big band jazz pianist and songwriterFlorence Henderson - American actress best known for her role as Carol Brady in The Brady Bunch television sitcomRickey Henderson - American baseball playerThomas Henderson -  Royal astronomer of the Cape of Good Hope, South AfricaArthur Henderson -  Organizer of the British Labour PartyArchibald Henderson -  Fifth Commandant of the U.S. Marine CorpsJohn Brooks Henderson - Author of the thirteenth amendment to the U.S. Constitution, abolishing slavery Genealogy Resources for the Surname HENDERSON Most Common U.S. Surnames Their MeaningsSmith, Johnson, Williams, Jones, Brown... Are you one of the millions of Americans sporting one of these top 250 common last names from the 2000 census? Clan Henderson SocietyAmong the goals of the Clan Henderson Society are fostering Scottish culture, activities, festivals, and games; assisting with Henderson genealogical research, and promoting the history and culture of the Henderson clan and Scotland. Henderson DNA ProjectFormed under the auspices of the Clan Henderson Societies of the United States and Canada, this Henderson surname DNA project supports efforts to document individual Henderson families and trace the migration of the Hendersons over time.   Henderson Family Genealogy ForumSearch this popular genealogy forum for the Henderson surname to find others who might be researching your ancestors, or ask your own question about your Henderson ancestors. FamilySearch - HENDERSON GenealogyDiscover historical records and lineage-linked family trees for the Henderson surname and its variations on this free genealogy site sponsored by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. HENDERSON Surname Family Mailing ListsRootsWeb hosts several free mailing lists for researchers of the Henderson surname. - HENDERSON Genealogy Family HistoryFree databases and genealogy links for the last name Henderson. The Henderson Genealogy and Family Tree PageBrowse genealogy records and links to genealogical and historical records for individuals with the Henderson surname from the website of Genealogy Today. Looking for the meaning of a given name? Check out First Name Meanings Cant find your last name listed? Suggest a surname to be added to the Glossary of Surname Meanings Origins.- References: Surname Meanings Origins Cottle, Basil. Penguin Dictionary of Surnames. Baltimore, MD: Penguin Books, 1967. Menk, Lars. A Dictionary of German Jewish Surnames. Avotaynu, 2005. Beider, Alexander. A Dictionary of Jewish Surnames from Galicia. Avotaynu, 2004. Hanks, Patrick and Flavia Hodges. A Dictionary of Surnames. Oxford University Press, 1989. Hanks, Patrick. Dictionary of American Family Names. Oxford University Press, 2003. Smith, Elsdon C. American Surnames. Genealogical Publishing Company, 1997. Back to Glossary of Surname Meanings Origins

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Sex, crime, and soceity Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Sex, crime, and soceity - Essay Example Despite the many centuries that have passed, many of the beliefs and biases that have animated patriarchal laws have still managed to leave their imprint on present-day legislation. A reexamination of the purpose of the law is long overdue (Wells, 1985). That precisely is what makes the crime of rape so different from other crimes in the statute books. There are complex issues of gender and power involved and the body is perceived as a political field (Duncan, 1995). To quote Baron and Strauss (1987): According to feminist theory, rape functions as a mechanism of social control in patriarchal societies (Brownmiller, 1975; Riger and Gordon, 1981). Feminist theorists argue that rape and the fear of rape enable men to assert their power over women and maintain the existing system of gender stratification (Adamec & Adamec, 1981; Barry, 1979; Brownmiller, 1975; Riger and Gordon, 1981; Russell, 1984; Sanaday, 1981). Clark and Lewis (1977) argue that rape is more likely to occur in societies where women are regarded as the sexual and reproductive possessions of men. In such societies, men sustain their power and privilege and enforce their sexual rights through threats or use of force. Baron and Strauss further went and described the four theories that underlie the crime of rape, in their paper that presents a theoretical model which integrates the four macrosociological theories of rape. They describe these four theories as follows: One theory holds that rape is a mechanism of gender inequality. A second theory attributes rape to the proliferation of pornographic materials. A third, called cultural spillover theory, maintains that cultural norms which favor violence for socially legitimate purposes tend to be generalized to other social contexts and increase the likelihood of rape. And a final theory holds that social disorganization reduces social constraints against